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Web Scraper / Data Extraction Service

As World Business moving from traditional offline to online business, Data no longer just data itself, data timing, data quality and data quantity bring to more business values to our clients. data resource play more significant role in data mining and data analysis.

Though our solution, North Data Tech will bring you more data resource, less meaningless data provide you advanced designed data scrape process, satisfy any clients' special needs.

  • Advanced monitoring target websites

  • Support Web/APP, SSR/HTML data extraction

  • Dynamic generate output to meet clients daily operation needs

  • Actively monitor data changes and provide 24/7 alert trigger.

  • High Quality and one stop service

Database / Cloud Service

Database Design / Develop / Maintains

Data Visualization

Data Modelling

Advanced Services

  • Support cloud service AWS / Azure / GCP

  • Support tradition database : Mainframe / SQL Server / Oracle

  • Translate scripts : SQL to pyspark / scala

  • Translate scripts : SAS to pyspark / scala

  • Data Visualization : Tableau / PowerBI / D3JS / NEO4JS

  • Data Modelling : Machine Learning /

Script Translate

  • Convert SAS script to Pyspark / Scala

  • Convert Sql script to Pyspark / Scala

  • Convert R script to Pyspark / Scala

  • Any Special code translate and decode

  • Support business logic rebuild

  • Support database logic rebuild

  • Support database structure rebuild

  • Support code performance optimization

Data Visualization

  • Turn data into Visible dashboard

  • Visualize relationship, hidden pattern and insight for strategy

  • Graphically present complex business logics and features

Data Modelling/Data Discovery

  • Consult Business Data Analysis

  • Consult Engineer Data Analysis

  • Consult GIS Data Analysis

  • Image Recognition

Data Entry Service

  • Faster

  • Accurate

  • Safe / Secure

  • High Volume

  • High Tech

  • Low Cost

  • Support Multi-languages : English / French / Korean / Chinese

  • Support Multi-Languages Translate

  • Support Data Discovery, Data cleaning, Data Summary

  • Services in Canada

  • Any advanced data enhancement requirement

Data Security

  • All staff have government clearance

  • Eligible for any type of security data

  • No outsourcing

  • Service in Canada

Cutting Edge Technology

  • High End automated OCR convert any document

  • Significantly reduce cost / increase accuracy

Customized Services

  • Meet any unique requirements

  • Fully End-to-End services

  • One stop data products